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Gunilla Röörs tribute to radio to kill his friend – Expressen

Actor Gunilla Röör celebrates the dead mate Tommy Andersson in “Summer P1 “.

There, she tells us about his last fight – and his last performance.

– For every day I wonder how he will cope, says the actress in” Summer in P1 ” .

Today, Wednesday, sent the actor Gunilla Röörs “Summer in P1″. In addition to talk about pivotal moment in her career, she also celebrates his departed colleague, actor Tommy Andersson . He died of cancer in 2013.

Röör tells how he gave her peace of the stormy theater and about his last time. Röör describes how he was able to ignore the chaos that sometimes arose and how he was her stationary point.

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Friend’s disease

Röör tells how Andersson could help her just by being in the rehearsal room when they made their first set together.

– A year later, calling my friend and says that he has been seriously ill. The cursed the cancer. A fight begins, a fight to the death, she says and continues:

– The next time he calls, he can not speak anymore. His tongue has been removed.

One interested Röör describes how Andersson spoke anyway. With vowels and gestures, he told of how he wants to implement a final project, to play Beckett’s “Eh Joe”.

One last fight

They carried out the project together. Andersson had to fight.

– I look at my friend, my light bearers, leaning on her IV pole. For every day I wonder how he will cope, says Röör.

It was Tommy Andersson final set. He died in October 2013. Ms Röör notes that even God had to wait for her colleague.

In addition to its involvement in theater has Tommy Andersson including starred in several Swedish films and TV productions. He did roles in “Jalla! Jalla!”, “Saltön” and “Behind Blue Skies”.

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