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Bill Cosby: “Tell me about the orgasm” – Aftonbladet

The Cosby wanted the then 19-year-old Andrea Constand would reveal sexual details for her mother to convince her that consent existed.

– Tell your mom about orgasm, he says in his testimony according to the New York Post.

The legendary comedian Bill Cosby made use of flattery, promises and drugs to persuade at least five women to sex, according to a testimony from 2005 and 2006.

The New York Times has gotten over the testimony, where Cosby denies the abuse of the then 19-year-old Andrea Constand and other women.

Bill Cosby, according to his testimony asked Constand to tell the sex of her mother. To convince the mother that he is not an “old bastard”.

The Cosby asked Constand to reveal intimate details so that the mother could consider the agreed there.

“Tell your mom if orgasm. Tell me how we talked to each other, “explains Cosby he thought, according to legal papers like the New York Times reported on the weekend.

The Cosby explained how he calculated asked themselves with Constand to attract her to accompany to his house where he talked to her about life, development and education.

He also admitted that he gave Constand one and a half tablet of Benadryl to dampen stress.

“Mom’s worst nightmare”

Constand moved back to Canada and explained to her mother that she had been drugged and abused. Cosby says he talked on the phone with the mother who called it “a mother’s worst nightmare,” according to legal documents.

Outwardly Cosby has always denied all the accusations of infidelity and abuse. But during his testimony, he told how he broke up with models and moved on to other women.

He also said that he sent money to his agent who Constand would have – to “Mrs. Cosby” would not know something. Cosby denied that he had drugged the 19 year old and said he had just given her an allergy tablet. He also said that he had received seven prescription for a sedative preparations in the 1970s was used as a party drug. He said he gave the women the drug “in the same way as a person would have a drink”, but without that they knew something.

Began to cry

He claimed that while they were with both drug use and sexual acts. When it was Constands turn to testify, she began to cry.

The Cosby did not take for himself.

– I think Andrea is a liar, and I know she is a liar because I was where, he said when he was asked about the incident.

In the testimony describing Cosby also sexual encounters with at least five women in Denver, Las Vegas, New York and Pennsylvania.

The 13 women left in mood anonymous statements in which they stated that they also drugged and subjected to sexual abuse by Cosby.

lawsuit against the comedian ended in settlement in 2006.


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