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The girls Robban Broberg – Today’s News





DN’s Eva-Karin Gyllenberg remember a tjejtjusande idol.





  DN Eva-Karin Gyllenberg recall a tjejtjusande idol.

“Girls” – of all my old vinyl I have played so many times that, and that was with sadness I threw it in the garbage a few years ago, down played as it was. In the same cleansing went the disc with “Maria-Therese” out. It was with the song Robban had his breakthrough even if it took two years before I took him to my heart. I was too young in 1967.

The other, slightly older girls, he knocked. For he knew how to charm the girls Robban Broberg. Charmed me, he definitely 1969 when the “Girls” came. The word charmed not enough. He took me by storm. I was 15 years old, coming out of adult life and was fascinated by all these tributes to different girls, even if I probably was a little too young to benefit me, everyone.


“Inflatable Barbara” as they are already adults liked so much was probably a little too advanced for me – then. Just like the little tribute to Gun Åhrén. Today I laugh at these suggestive tracks. Just as I laugh at Robbans more or less loving texts.

“Du bist mein Bratwurst, Carol” is perhaps not the most romantic compliment to give a woman, but went home in the Swedish cottages – even in our.

Self fascinated me over Robbans rimkonst and play with words. As the song to Ulla who have “problems with his speed – everything that she does go in Ulla-trapid”. “Upon such loitering wench still wait get. When she someday run it almost looks like she is. “

Or it if Ingela Vicken pingela, which is a danger to traffic, if Mariga Mary like no kid beyond the control of – Kjell was there one evening, but went on a bang, as he tried to tickle her delicious ribs.

He knew how to tickle us and say it can not be the entire text of Båtlåt, the wonderful story on boats lying and keels with each other.

“And what we then get, one and perhaps two own small dinghies, babbling after the trailer in a navelrep is a secret, which only boats know.”

So romantic and so directly to our affection-hungry hearts.

Or, “Mary-Therese,” the love tribute that many girls safe hummed when news of Robert’s death arrived on Tuesday.

Keep in mind, that this wonderful tjejtjusare would leave us in the ladies week, missed by millions of girls of all ages.






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