Monday, July 27, 2015

Cosby rape victims come forward – the magazine – Aftonbladet

The TV legend Bill Cosby homegrown image has been razed by countless rape accusations.

Now entry 35 of his victims up.

On the New York Magazine’s new wrapping posing the vulnerable women under the heading: “An Unwelcome Sisterhood”.

In the 80′s became the American comedian Bill Cosby 78, enormously beloved by the people, thanks to the TV series “The Cosby Show.” The last few years have been homegrown image crackled.

More than 40 women have accused the comedian of rape and sexual assault, and several have indicated he drugged them before he raped them. Some have done so anonymously, while others come out with names.

photographed on chairs

Now entry 35 of what is reported to be 46 victims up with the name and picture. On the cover of the magazine New York Magazine’s new numbers, women have been photographed together while perched on a range of chairs.

The last chair in the line left blank, as a symbol for other women who have been subjected to the same type of abuse, but not dared to tell, writes BuzzFeed. The headline? “Cosby: The Women, and unwelcome sisterhood”.

“Illustrates scope”

In an article in the newspaper telling the women about their experiences of abuse Bill Cosby subjected them to.

“The stories that follow the text, and video illustrating the scope of what Victims claim that Cosby subjected them to over the course of several decades,” says the writer Noreen Malone.

The cover has given rise to the Twitter hashtag #TheEmptyChair. During the talks other victims of sexual assault their stories.


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