Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adam Tensta in protest against TV4 – Sydsvenskan

– There are very many people in Sweden who have been marginalized by this behavior and this incident. TV4 should take responsibility and go out in social media, as you reach out to so many, and tell us how it has been able to go to this, said Adam Tensta before he got up and left the studio.

The rapper was not alone to respond to Louise Andersson Bodin’s participation in May, but the criticism of TV4 rained in social media then. Now several people on Twitter support.

Actor and comedian Bianca Kronlöf was first on the ball: “Adam Tensta, you just made this a wonderfully strong and fight fill today! Thank you !!”.

And more have turnout, among others, opera singer Malena Ernman and music journalist Amethyst Azordegan, as well as several individuals.

TV4 comment now event .

– He feels strongly about this, and I understand that he wanted to put the light on the issue, but it was a pity he did not want to stay and talk about this with the hosts. In this way, it was more a statement than a conversation, says TV4′s program director, Viveka Hansson told Aftonbladet.

Regarding the excuse that Adam Tensta calls she says that TV4 has already declared that the channel does not stand behind Louise Andersson Bodin’s statements.

– But we, like other editors, all the time guests whose opinions TV4 do not necessarily share, says Viveka Hansson.


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