Friday, July 24, 2015

Skandalgynekologen gave Cosby sexdrogen – Aftonbladet

Bill Cosby drugged women he wanted to have sex with.

The means he received from the gynecologist LeRoy Amar, notorious for neglect and economic problems, writes the Washington Post.

– He was unscrupulous, says the lawyer Meldon S. Hollis Jr., who worked closely Amar.

It recently became known that Bill Cosby , behind closed doors, back in 2005 confessed to drugging women to have sex with them.

Now, however, the Washington Post reported that the actor was given Quaaludes, narcotic drug methaqualone in Swedish, from the gynecologist LeRoy Amar , notoriously suspect in several cases of neglect and financial crimes.

In the declassified documents, now published by the newspaper, telling Cosby that he had seven prescriptions against back pain.

– Did he know you had no intention to yourself to take the tablets when he wrote them ?, asks a lawyer in the case.

– Yes, replies Cosby according to the Washington Post.

LeRoy Amar, who died in 2002, had several complaints against themselves in several different states, after moving around to be able to continue its operations. He was over six years of his medical license after various cases of neglect.

And in the 70s he moved in exactly the same inside circuitry like Bill Cosby.

– I do not doubt a second that Amar would print anything if one desired. It was as he was. He was unscrupulous, says the lawyer Meldon S. Hollis Jr. , who worked closely Amar.

Plus Document The women say: “Cosby is a monster”

“He warned Cosby”

At the end of 2014 had about twenty women walked out and accused Bill Cosby for sexual abuse, in day over 35. One of them is 66-year-old Tamara Green and talked about how Cosby in the 70s made her unconscious with pills that he said was cough medicine – and groped her. They had met through right LeRoy Amar, and the doctor was according to the Washington Post furious when he heard her story about Cosby abuse.

– He confronted him in front of her, and exploded almost. He warned Cosby ever making similar to Green, says an attorney who worked with Amar.

The Cosby has, however, denied that any abuse ever took place.

“Is a sexual predator “

methaqualone was used extensively as a drug, including Hollywood’s inner circles in the 70s. The actor says that it was so he used the agent, including during what he describes as “mutual sex.”

The twenty women maintains its history.

– Bill Cosby is dislocated, he is a sexual predator who attacked me and has done the same with dozens of women I know, says Green, now 66, told the Daily Mail.

Another woman who accused Cosby of abuse, Andrea constand , now wants documents about her goals become public despite the fact that she reached an undisclosed settlement with the actor in 2006.


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