Friday, July 24, 2015

Comedian’s harsh words about the Schulman posts – Expressen

Babben Larsson should have written “I am cruel craving to cry out ‘Whore! Whore!’ loud as fuck “if a promotional post from Amanda Schulman, according to Aftonbladet.

Expressen says now the comedian about his comment.

– They are sell- outs, and that is to prostitute themselves, that is what is behind this force the expression says Babben Larsson.

According to Aftonbladet should Henrik Schyffert, on his private Facebook, have posted a screenshot from Amanda Schulman Instagram.

I post on Instagram, she has a picture of a road, and writes that it means a lot to her. Later, she writes that She received an order from BMW to announce a contest among his followers.

Several well-known personalities to have reacted to the picture on Schyfferts Facebook page, and Aftonbladet will Babben Larsson have commented on the picture:

“I am cruelly tempted to cry out ‘Whore! Whore! ‘Loud as fuck. “

– I do not sell-outs, I do not. If I read a text in a blog, I want to know that the person recommending a product to the person likes it, not because it has been paid, says Babben Larsson continues:

– This is very provocative to me that people are selling themselves out in this way so that I do not understand who is communicating. There are sell-outs, and that is to prostitute themselves, that is what is behind this force the expression. Not that they are prostitutes for real.

“Nothing personal”

She believes that the other known profiles only reacted to the same thing herself.

– This is nothing personal towards the girl who blogged from the beginning, but it is a phenomenon we attack. It is not about Amanda Schulman personally, it is a process. There are a whole bunch that does the same thing, says Babben Larsson.

She also says she stands behind his comments on Facebook.

– I stand behind it and I become upset. I do not like the seemingly private blogs suddenly just about to do advertising for a lot of goods. If you post something on Facebook, you know that you are public, you can not be stupid. I do not like this phenomenon, says the comedian.

“One would think that it was the teenagers’

In Fredagspodden says Amanda Schulman and Hanna Widell event.

– This is the established, older artists, actors and hostess who has this one language against me and this image that you would think were teenagers, says Schulman in the pod, and continues:

– They write dirty, disgusting. I wrote an answer to everyone that it’s sad that everyone is so dodgy. I wrote ugh, what nasty words, but, but, hug you. I did not get an answer.

She adds that she does not think it’s nice what the known profiles written.

Expressen looking for those involved.

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