Monday, July 20, 2015

VIP guests took cerebral palsy Rebekah place – now reported Grona Lund – Aftonbladet

Rebekah had looked forward to see Alice Cooper.

But the wheelchair visitors’ seats at the eclipse had already been taken – of VIP guests.

Now reported Grona Lund discrimination.

The 17-year-old Rebecca Andersson is a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy.

In early July, she and the family at Grona Lund to see Alice Cooper.

But despite Rebecka Andersson was in place six hours before the gig she missed large portions of the concert.

Grona Lund has places for wheelchair users at the attraction Eclipse but Rebekah’s mother Jenny Malva Trix says that the wheelchair concert goers who were there to see Alice Cooper had to wait a long time to be released .

Instead, it was the VIP guests who had to go to their seats first.

– Alice Cooper had already started playing when the first person in a wheelchair could go up in the lift. Since the lift only takes one wheelchair at a time and go so slowly Rebekah came up until the fourth song, says Jenny Malva Trix.

But the problems did not stop there.

When Rebecka Andersson finally got come up to the eclipse had VIP guests already taken her and the other wheelchair visitors places. Therefore, she saw nothing of the gig.

– All wheelchairs ended up behind the specially invited. They were not uppsläppta in time and saw nothing. I was very sad and angry when I heard what happened.

“They screamed please drop us up”

Now select Jenny Malva Trix to notify Grona Lund to the Equality Ombudsman.

– There is direct discrimination. Moreover did not availability. I was also a bit scared when I saw how slow elevator was. Imagine if you have to evacuate?

She also says that several of the wheelchair visitors were frustrated and saddened when they realized they would miss large parts of the concert.

– They screamed please drop us up.

Rebecka Andersson was so disappointed in the event that she now does not even want to acknowledge Alice Cooper.

– She was unfortunately a bit sorry for him and would rather not talk about concert. She would not even listen to him or watching him on YouTube.

Grona Lund: “We are really sorry”

Annika Troselius is the Information Officer at Grona Lund

– Accessibility issues are really important for us and we work hard with it, whether it be for attractions or concerts. It happened to Rebekah’s really boring.

According to Annika Troselius burst in routines during the Alice Cooper gig.

– We had not cordoned off sufficiently clear atop Eclipse, which meant that there was a good place when Rebekah came up. We are very sorry for that and we have apologized to both Rebecca and Jenny and compensated them. So this should not happen and it usually does not do either.

As for the evacuation issue, Anna Troselius some reassurance.

– In addition to the lift, there are two other ways that we could use if we had to evacuate. The elevator is not slower than any other type of lift.


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