Friday, July 17, 2015

Adam Tensta condemns threat to Louise Andersson Bodin – Aftonbladet

Louise Andersson Bodin states that she received death threats.

Now condemn Adam Tensta threats Youtube profile.

– You spineless individuals are really, really low.

On Thursday chose Adam Tensta to stand up and leave the live broadcast of ” Nyhetsmorgon “. This is in protest against TV4 earlier invited Youtube profile Louise Andersson Bodin , which has been criticized for a racist statement on his Youtube channel earlier this year.

Since then, the network boiled over with hateful comments.

Louise Andersson Bodin, now poked from TV4′s new program “Spring,” where she would participate in an episode, stating among other things that she dödshotats. At the same time flooding the network over racist comments directed at hiphoper.

The threats condemned now by Adam Tensta.

– To you spineless individuals and groups who send threats in both my and Louise Andersson Bodin’s direction . You guys are really, really low, writes the artist on Facebook.

“TV4 plays an ugly game”

At the same time directs Adam Tensta again a swipe against TV4.

– Now, when people on both sides airing their views in social media, it’s easy to forget the essence of the problem. TV4 and many other media are not as responsive to contemporary life as they might themselves think they are. TV4 plays an ugly game and shift the focus away from their own responsibilities when they kick Louise Andersson Bodin from an upcoming series wager. A person one until this morning has endorsed, but then now choose to dump.

Adam Tensta also says that “pajkastningen” after his “Nyhetsmorgon” -sorti was expected.

– Now the ball rolling, and the topic is up on the news again. Who should get the space to be seen and under what premise? What do you and what do you not say? How challenge to a system that does not hear, not see one? Once this is now becoming more clarified I think we can come closer to understanding.

– My ambition is clear. I wish that fewer people are marginalized and kept outside. Segregation in rural as well as in the suburbs is genuine.

Nöjesbladet looking TV4.


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