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I am alone – but it’s not heavy “- Aftonbladet

After playing police 15 times had Colin Farrell decided to:

No more roles that law enforcement agents.

Then he was offered “True detective “.

– I literally had said,” No more police badges, no more weapons. “

The fast-talking 39-year-old Irish lighthouses of a wry smile when he talks about the call that changed everything when he receives at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills.

– Just the fucking title seemed ironic. It was like just a step from the reality show “Cops”.

It meant that he hesitated – for more reasons than one.

– I thought the first season were sensational and wondered who was crazy enough to try to repeat it. Then I read the script for the first two episodes and was impressed at how solid they were.

“Talked for hours”

There was a meeting with series creator, Nic Pizzolatto , who also wrote the one with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the lead roles.

– I stuck up to his place in Ojai, California and we talked for three or four hours. He had things he wanted to say – visions and ideas that were new to him. They lured him enough that he would lock himself in an office from nine to five, all days of the week and hammer out these eight sections.

In addition to the role attracted saw father of two Farrell as a great advantage that the series takes place where he nowadays has its base in Los Angeles.

– Almost nothing is filmed longer in LA. I had not done a big project here since “SWAT” 2003 “True Detective” gave me a chance to be at home for six months, sleeping in my bed, being a father and be able to follow my six year old and my eleven year old to school every day.

The plot revolves around a bizarre murder that brings together three policemen (Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch ) with the criminal casino owner and entrepreneur Frank Seymon ( Vince Vaughn ).

The expectations were sky high when the second season started in the US in June.

Therefore, the disappointment was big when some reviewers felt that the sequel does not lived up to the first season.

– I get it, says Farrell.

– If I had not been in the series, I would also have compared it with the first season. It’s called the “True Detective”, but Nic (Pizzolatto) declared early on that there would be an anthology. I think that it is distancing itself enough from one, not least because the storyline is based in Los Angeles.

“Multiple chances”

He said that the reactions do not worry him as long as they watching entering the series.

– For me it’s exciting to do something that lives in eight weeks. I’m used to film the world where there is already nine o’clock on opening night can get a call saying that it is over.

– Here, there are more chances to survive and I hope that the remaining sections will make it worth for viewers to keep up.

His character is no uplifting person.

– The first time we see Ray, he is the best version of himself. Then life goes very quickly to hell.

Colin Farrell shakes his head.

– Ray is someone who can only express themselves with violence. He wishes that he could be more tender towards his son, but his wounds are so deep and born of extreme violence.

Considering how many times Farrell played the police would think that he developed a certain aptitude for the profession .

– God, no. I’d be a lousy cop. I do not know why I’ve played so many policemen. During the majority of my career, I have either tried to get the law to be followed or violated it (laughter).

Why does Hollywood want him to police roles, he does not understand, and points out that he hates guns.

Then he muses card.

– But for some reason, I have been attracted by what happens when law cracks and how it affects us.


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