Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I felt that something was wrong “- Aftonbladet

Robert Broberg wanted to be left alone during their last years of life.

Now, says guitarist Janne Schaffer about his last meeting with his close friend.

– I felt that it was something that did not fit properly, he says.

During his last five years in the life step Robert Broberg of a rare form of Parkinson’s. Early on Tuesday fell asleep the people dear artist to hospital surrounded by his family. He was 75 years old.

guitarist Janne Schaffer 69 was one of Robban Broberg’s close friends, and they got to know each other during the filming of the television the program “Guitar” in 1963.

“Something not quite right”

Schaffer remember clearly the very last meeting with her friend before he passed away. Then he did not know that Robert Broberg was sick – but noticed that something was wrong.

– It was after one of his last performances at the Circus for four, five years ago. I felt that it was something that did not fit properly. He used to often do some unexpected things as tripping on the stage, but the time it was little more than usual, he said.

What they talked about he does not remember exactly, just call involving large and small.

– It was not so much and not for something special. I just thought his performance was absolutely stunning. Very good.

“Wanted to be left in peace”

Janne Schaffer did not hit Robert Broberg the last few years. He saw it as his friend pulled away from friends and acquaintances during their illness.

– The last few years it was sporadic. It felt like he wanted to be left alone and I wanted to respect that. I had little contact with the family, says Schaffer.

musician Mikael Wiehe , who was also close friends with Broberg, experienced the same thing.

– He well knew that would devote time to himself, he said.

“leaves a great void”

The Broberg was seriously ill received Janne Schaffer told by the common friend and musician Uffe Börjesson , who has long worked with Robert.

– It was incredibly sad, it is always sad when people get sick. One should be very grateful for every day you wake up and are healthy. You never know what happens, says Janne.

The news about Robert Broberg’s death came as no surprise.

– I understand that it’s been that way, unfortunately. He leaves a great void behind him. It is a great sorrow for all the music Sweden.


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