Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zara Larsson wants to save the world – Aftonbladet

Zara Larsson wants to become immortal. A legend, Elvis Presley.

After hearing her summer program, I hope that the dream does not come true.

The opening of Zara Larsson’s summer program carries no humbleness touch.

I want to be like Elvis, she says. A legend, and she had not been older than seventeen, had gradually started to browse the word “megalomania” in the dictionary …

But it is clear: they reached the stars before adolescence, should obviously not aim back at the tree tops.

But why does one become a legend? Does it matter for what one gets remembered?

Then roll the summer program and there is much I, I and I.

But then something happens.

Zara Larsson talks about feminism and a completely different voice breaks through – strong and insightful.

She talks about man-hating versus misogyny as if she lived well beyond his 17 years, and we who once read modern feminist classics like Nina Bjork’s “In the pink blanket” and Stephan Mendel-Enks “With obvious sense of style”, have enough to realize that the feminism we have seen that conquered and established, are engaged and challenged . That hatred of young people who are taking place and dare to be feminists, like Zara Larsson, will emerge with a very different force than ever before.

It’s bloody awful, frankly. It’s terrible to hear a seventeen year old talk about death and rape threats. It is, as Zara Larsson points out, up to all the good forces to break the trend. Here, 17-year-old become an important figurehead for a new generation where feminism is not obvious.

How to finish as specifies Zara Larsson what will make her immortal.

She will sell 40 million albums, sell out arena after arena, winning five Grammys, becoming multi-billionaire – and save the world.

But somewhere hoped you she will not be like Elvis Presley.

He wrote not a single song himself and died in a toilet, marked by his pill addiction, 42 years old.

To get legendary status now makes sure other requirements. Better to be somewhat larger. Save the world if possible.

With the self-confidence she has some conditions for success.


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