Thursday, July 23, 2015

Håkan Hellström makes record profit – Göteborgs-Posten

Håkan Hellström has Havat in a record amount during the past year. The annual accounts for his company shows a profit of SEK 30.7 million (after financial items).

Håkan Hellström may not care about the money in its own words, but it is hard to believe that he was not laughing all the way to the bank this time.

The annual accounts for his company Faith & amp; Doubts AB namely landed writes GT, showing a profit of 30.7 million after financial items (net sales: 34 million).

Of this diluted Hakan Hellstrom himself a dividend of four million.

Artist company has been a success story from beginning to end. With the 2014 profit included the Faith & amp; Doubts generated in SEK 74.7 million.

Hellstrom other companies Bohus Dreamin ‘AB also went to the train, but a much nicer trains, with a profit of 1.7 million after financial items.

The bottom line: Gothenburg Son is definitely one of Sweden’s wealthiest artists today.


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