Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Timbuktu rage against politics: “Put people’s interest first” – Aftonbladet

“Timbuktu” railed against the class differences as he opened the conference at the Pride festival.

Jason Diakte is not known to duck controversial statements.

– Sweden is an egalitarian country, but not all and not all the time. We have much work remains, he said.

Hundreds of people gathered in the pouring rain at Östermalms IP in Stockholm for this year’s inauguration of Pride Week.

Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité was the year’s opening speaker, and right before he got up on stage broke up the weather.

– We see how the elected representatives put the business in front of people’s interest. The same business maximizes its growth and avoiding at the same time to pay taxes and contribute to making a better society, he said in the speech.

He rages against today’s social structure where money is valued higher than people. He also gives a swipe against class distinctions.

– We see today how the dismantled welfare in Sweden and Europe has led to more and more people are worse off financially. And how the reality that many live in feels hopeless. While a few operators consolidate large fortune. And how the differences between us is growing all the time in the hidden.

A fear throughout Europe

According to Jason Diakité raises this fear. A fear of many branches where racism, homophobia and sexism must take more and more space.

– Sweden is an egalitarian country, but not for everyone and not all the time. We have much work left. I am ready to sacrifice all the time I can to make Sweden the most equal country, he said.

Sandra Ehne, Chair of the Pride, is on the same page.

– The Sweden Democrats Never come here. For here are all of equal worth and here we back that up together. Now we fight, she said before the inaugural speech.

“Who the hell wants to be normal?”

In addition to breaking up with social structures wants Jason Diakité also break up with standards.

– What is normal and who the hell wants to be there ?, he says.

He goes on to ask: who created the standards? why did they for? Whose standards?

He talks about how he as a young man never felt he fit in. He says that if he mixed with black, he was white and he socialized with white, he was black.

– Now I know better. I want to live in a world where we meet people, do not measure people.

It is is the 18th inaugural speech in Pridfestivalens history.

In previous years, including January Guillo, Magdalena Ribbing and Mona Sahlin spoken.

– It is not by chance I’m here. It is by the will. You are my people, ‘he says to all who gathered to listen.

“His people” who, he stands for justice, equality and equal opportunities.


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