Monday, July 20, 2015

Several reports Lindholms sommarprat – Swedish Dagbladet

The chef Leila Lindholm summer spoke on 16 July. Photo: SR

Lindholm debuted as a summer jockey July 16, with a program that, among other things, about her own entrepreneurship.

One of the complainants believe that “Leila in the media made rude much advertising for both his books that their stores.”

Bibi Rödöö, program “Summer in P1″, told the newspaper that she knows notifications. She has no comments on the program.

– We knew what she wanted to tell and how she would put it, we thought it was okay. So the review board must try it, she says.

Rödöö compare even with Ingvar Kamprad sommarprat, where he talked about how he created Ikea.


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