Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Taylor Swift T-shirt gaffe – in China – Aftonbladet

d.s.. , 1989.

Taylor Swift’s latest album – or a reference to the massacre at Tiananmen Square?

The pop star may be heading into a political storm when she launches clothing in China, writes The Guardian.

Taylor Swift has just entered the Chinese merchandise market, writes The Guardian.

But the clothes she should sell can misunderstood in the country.

They are studded “TS 1989 ‘, her initials and the name of her latest album – besides her birth.

In China, it is easy for the tanks connected to the massacre in Tiananmen Square. The English name of the square Tiananmen Square, and the massacre took place at 1989 on 4 June.

The numbers are blocked on social media

When fired, the Chinese military straight into a large mass of protesters students. According to the Chinese Red Cross will be up to 2,600 people have been killed and several thousand injured.

Dates are sensitive in China – the Chinese micro-blog Weibo automatically blocked all posts where the numbers are 6, 4 and 89 are consecutive. On June 4, 2013 was blocked even the word “today”.

The album “1989″ seems to have fared since it is sold at the Chinese site, writes The Guardian. The clothes will be launched next month and Taylor Swift has already commercialized them on Weibo.

In November, she appears in Shanghai with the tour, which is also called “1989″.


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