Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Therefore acclaimed not SVT Robert Broberg during Sing – Aftonbladet

Robert Broberg was not mentioned in the “Sing-along at Skansen”

Now, explains the program’s producer Per Rådelius why.

– Should we pay tribute to someone who has gone Remove one should do anything properly.

Last night died comedian and troubadour Robert Broberg after a brief illness.

SVT had before declared that it was not planning any changes in today’s “Sing-along at Skansen” in honor of the people dear singer.

During the broadcast reacted, however, several of Aftonbladet’s readers that Robert Broberg was not even mentioned during the program.

– It is so incredibly sad, I have listened to his music. He was absolutely fantastic. It’s incredibly sad, says TV host Petra Marklund Robert Broberg’s death.

She refers, however, all the questions about a possible tribute to SVT.

“The best we can do is to continue to maintain “

As Rådelius , executive producer of” Sing-along at Skansen “, believes it was the right decision not to talk about Robert Broberg in the program.

– If one is to pay tribute to a person who just passed away, I think it’s important to think really carefully and make a proper, nice and above all dignified. In this case, the news came that he passed away the same day, so we decided to do it on Sunday, so we really have time to think about what we are showing. There is so much material that it can produce, he says and continues:

– The best thing you can do to pay tribute to a person who passed away is to do a great program and continue to maintain with Sing.

“Had not been good to improvise”

By Rådelius is backed by Robert Broberg friend Mikael Wiehe , who also appeared tonight.

– I do not think it would have been great to improvise anything. I am absolutely convinced that SVT will do this in a thoughtful way. I think it was a professional to do this.

Caroline af Uggla , who made an impromptu appearance during the evening, have worked together with Robert Broberg.

– I was really sad. He was one of my favorites. We had a whole day together and I had to carry around his blue guitar. He was absolutely wonderful. Cute, caring, kind and warm. And so he was sensitive. I like sensitive people because I’m a little hypersensitive yourself.

During the program, hailed Caroline af Uggla Aftonbladet’s readers and several suggested that she should take over as the next allsångsledare. There is nothing like the singer closes the door.

– I never say no to fun things, but what responsibility! So with much thought perhaps.

Roberg Broberg performed at the “Sing-along at Skansen” as late as in 2007.

Below you can see a clip of his performance at the Solliden stage in 2001.


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