Sunday, July 26, 2015

Snoop Dogg: Now I am boycotting Sweden – Aftonbladet

Snoop Dogg is considerably pissed at the Swedish police.

So much so that he is now boycotting the Sweden brand, he says in several videos on Instagram and Twitter.

“I will never return to your country,” he said.

Superstar Snoop Dogg played in Uppsala on Saturday night and later played at night in Norrköping.

On the way from Uppsala, he was stopped by police.

The police told Aftonbladet that Snoop Dogg’s car which the artist sat as a passenger was stopped in a vehicle control between Uppsala and Stockholm. The artist showed signs of impact and got to the police station and leave the test.

The police said that it was a coincidence that Snoop was in control.

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” Fuck the police “

Now say hip hop star of several videos on Instagram that he will boycott Sweden in the future. In addition, he filmed from the police intervention, individual officers and from when he sits on the police station.

“To all my Swedish fans. You can blame your police, you will never see me again in your beautiful country. There are always a few idiots ruin to all. Fuck the police, “he said.

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” Forced me to pee “

He also says that it is racist that he constantly gets taken by the police here.

“I know that many of you are worried about me. I made it. They took me and forced me to pee in a cup and did not do shit. Nothing. Fuck you. “

The superstar has been stopped by police in Sweden in the past.

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Police response: “Nonsense”

When Nöjesbladet when police upholds that Snoop Dogg was stopped in a vehicle control. At the same time rejects the police determined that it would be on any kind of racism, Snoop expressed it himself.

– No, we are not working. It is only rubbish. It would be about racist thoughts on the grounds that they are subject to control, the We firmly reject. It’s not about that, says Christer Nordström , spokesperson at Uppsala police.

The videos have been exhibited worldwide through his social media. On Instagram, he has 5.8 million followers on Twitter, and he has 12.6 million.

Task Nöjesbladet: Had Drugs in the hotel room

According to Aftonbladet lived Snoop Dogg on a Hotels at the airport and had narcotics in the hotel room.

– They were around 20 of them people who stayed at the hotel and left the room today to fly further. Police have been in the room and retrieved the drugs, but it’s impossible to bind any person to drugs when they had already left the room, saying an informant.

The police at Arlanda can not confirm the information, but denies them not .

– What I can say is that we have found a small amount of what we suspect are narcotics in a hotel at Arlanda today, says Anders Nilsson , station officer at the border police at Arlanda.

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