Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ICA Stig “on poor years – Aftonbladet

hans mosesson has become Ica Stig with all the people and serve over two million a year.

But in the 90s, he was flat broke.

– We had emptied all the piggy banks, pawned some jewelry and credit cards stood at zero, said he “Summer in P1″

The “Summer in P1 “says hans mosesson he feel about the scant acting economy – before he became” Ica Stig “.

– Sure, there have been ice ages. I have been driving taxis, working as a carpenter, et cetera, et cetera. We have been pinching pennies. The children have had to settle for second-hand bikes, skis, skates when their mates shone with new. But it has always been food on the table, he said.

The money finish – shared boiled egg

Once upon a holiday, it was so bad that it broke down even on matfronten. Hans mosesson with his wife and children were on holiday with his mother in a summer cottage on Öland.

– We had emptied all the piggy banks, pawned some jewelry and credit cards stood at zero, he said.

When they visit the Astrid Lindgren’s World in the way gaped wallets empty.

– So when we came to Kalmar and would eat anything for lunch we had to take parking coins and give the kids a respective burgers in no snack bar. The wife and I blamed that we were satisfied, and sat in the car and shared a boiled egg that we had with us from home, he said.

Earning over 2 million

hans mosesson was asked to be in Ica commercials he said no, but took the opportunity to consult his wife.

– I called my wife and said I was hesitant, and it challenged my principles. “Are you stupid? You should always be so remarkable. Of course you will say yes, we’ve never had any money, “he says.

Mosesson also fits on to quote the German playwright Bertold Brecht:” First comes food, then morals “.

Probably not forced spouses Mosesson share of boiled eggs today – in 2013 was “ICA Stig’s” earned income 2,167,800 crowns.

“Summer in P1″ with the hans mosesson sent in Today 13:00 and available to listen to in SR Play.


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