Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer in P1 24/7: Sister Karin – Göteborgs-Posten

After Sister Karin’s low-key and catchy Summer program, it is easy to feel that there are too few monasteries in Sweden.

To join the monastery need not mean that the company will withdraw from the world. Sister Karin, who last year, together with his two sisters received the award for the year lifework, has very much gone to the events abroad.

For 40 years, the Swedish church Alsike monastery south of Uppsala acted as a haven for refugees and on two occasions been subjected to police raids.

Awards and fortune conceals her and talk instead about the community that are in everyday life, where people of different geographical and religious residence together in a transnational humanity. She tells of refugee children who stopped hoping, but regained the spark of life when they have been seen and been able to feel a relative sense of security among the nuns.

The decision to move to Alsike she compares with bungee jumping. How dare such she can not explain. A calling, you understand, is something deeply personal. Otherwise, describes herself as a man like any other, which will be less at times, and may have to go to a concert or take a glass of wine to get a break.

The other nuns are around 90 years, and she herself is 55+, but no settlement is not included in the plans. On the contrary, Sister Karin enthusiastic about expansion. In order to help all who come to Alsike need to expand. Thus speaks an enthusiast.

last sentences: “Now I want to finish playing for you on my own recorder. It becomes Jacob van Eyck’s Virgin Mary’s song of praise.”

Music Many musical expressions, particularly with a Christian message: Alice Babs, Bach, Gregorian music and the Beatles comforting Let It Be.

Saturday’s summer hosts : Zara Larsson, singer, performer. With her 17 years, she is the youngest summer values ​​so far.


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