Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adam Tensta: TV4 normalizes racism – Göteborgs-Posten

The artist accuses TV4 to normalize racism – in order that the channel has not apologized for having invited a YouTube profile that made xenophobic statements. He expresses his criticism on Thursday, partly by leaving TV4′s morning news right in the broadcast and partly by an article.

May 27 years were treated youtube profile Louise Andersson Bodin in as a personal trainer for the program Nyhetsmorgon in TV4. The day before had a clip begun to spread on YouTube, which Andersson Bodin dubbed “Negerbög”. In the video she says, among other things, that the negro is a nation, and that those who choose not to use the word is racist.

TV4′s approach has been to Louise Andersson Bodin has apologized, and that it is therefore utagerad.

do not innumerable critics on social media with. Nor artist Adam Tensta, during Thursday’s morning news took up the matter with the leaders Anders Pihlblad and Maria Forsblom.

– TV4 should take responsibility and go out in social media because you reach so many, and tell us how it has been going to like this, says Adam Tensta in the program, and then rises up and go despite the program hosts’ attempts to persuade him to stay.

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In an article, published the same day, he develops his thoughts.

“They have, as it should be, apologized for the unseemly commercial breaks, for transmission error, audio problems and incorrect processing of fish and so on. But not for the reservation Louise Andersson Bodin ‘, he writes, among other things.

He adds that normaliserandet Racism has long since taken place in prime time, but that he would like to take this opportunity to tell TV4 that these will not be forgotten .

Adam Tensta also raises the question whether this had to occur on dark-skinned not been such a muted group in the public debate.

“Sometimes I think of how much you had been told about more people with my skin tone had been put in the context that I get. ”

TV4 viewing service shut down the comments field to his Facebook thread about the program after a lively debate started, he does not look like anything other than censorship. It makes him feel “discriminated against, censored, neglected and frustrated”.

About the channel’s decision to invite Louise Andersson Bodin to the program, writes Viveka Hansson, program director for news and society at TV4, in a text message to Expressen:

“She was there to talk about training. Now became the focus another. However, it is well with discussions on racism.”

Previously Politisms writer Fanna Ndow Norrby reacted to the incident. In his commentary, she writes that TV4 17 years has profiled itself as a company that is strictly against xenophobia:

“Jihdes rumpträning is even more important than yours soon 17-year-old anti-racist work with Zero Racism. It’s bad. “


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