Thursday, July 16, 2015

As support known by the Swedish Tensta TV4 protest – Aftonbladet

Adam Tensta left the TV4 studio in protest, during the live broadcast.

Quite right, like several of Sweden’s most famous faces.

“Incomprehensible to TV4 not apologized “tweets Malena Ernman.

Thursday’s interview with the current album artist Adam Tensta ” Nyhetsmorgon “ended abruptly with the artist left the studio.

What triggered him was a conversation about Youtube profile Louise Andersson Bodin , which has spoken out racist online yet been commissioned by TV4.

“Fjanteri” to walk away rather than explaining more, like for example the journalist Niklas Svensson on Twitter. He may be very counter-thrust.

“A strong day”

Actor and comedian Bianca Kronlöf celebrates Tensta live sortie: “Adam Tensta, you just did it Here’s to a strong and struggle-filled day! Thanks !! “tweets she artist.

Music journalist Amethyst Azordegan taunts program leaders:” Adam Tensta probably had not risen if they interviewed him about the matter. He rises are the result of that they want to close down the subject “.

” best possible way “

” Adam Tensta standing up against the normalization of racism. In the best possible way. Incomprehensible that TV4 not apologized, “tweets court singer and commentator Malena Ernman .

” Had so many of talked about structural racism right now for Adam Tensta nice sitting there on the couch and explained ? “asks the media profile Cissi Wallin .

The host Alexandra Pascalidou , tweets short and sweet:” I get up, take a sip of water and follow Adam Tensta “.

No more rappers?

Artist Colleagues also defends Tensta action.

” All love Adam Tensta … Jahapp no ​​more rappers to Nyhetsmorgon thanks Adam! Hahaha joke good “tweets duo Mohammed Ali .

” At the time that someone said from the ‘high culture white morgonsoffa’. Behind the 100 per cent! “Writes Sister Sol on Instagram.

Explains more

In addition to the debate article explains Adam Tensta his campaign on Instagram:

“This is for those who have felt marginalized by the media’s headless actions. People who would not otherwise have been heard. “


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