Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer in P1 27/7: Alice Teodorescu – Göteborgs-Posten

Alice Teodorescu want to catch up with much of its summer program. It works best when she becomes more personal than political.

Chat 14:45: Alice Teodorescu about Summer debut

That a political editor gets the honor of the summer talking in P1 is not common. But Alice Teodorescu has been the year’s most talked about political writer, not least because of turmoil when she took on the Göteborgs-Posten. It can, however, she is not into that.

She begins with poetry, with a quote by Tomas Tranströmer, “There are deep in the woods an unexpected glade that can only be found by those who have gone astray.” A rather surprising choice, as Alice Teodorescus life – at least, as she talks about it in the P1 – not just show someone who get lost on unfamiliar roads. On the contrary, she appears as unusually purposeful and consistent. She keeps his integrity even when she tells about herself.

The first part of the program devoted to the childhood of the totalitarian Romania, moved to Sweden, and the new life here. She wanted to be Swedish, toiled hard in school, got high marks and went straight to law school from high school. “I backpacking never.”

Alice Teodorescu offers some exciting one-liners, like “only the one who is different can be irreplaceable.” But she can not go in depth with what she says because she wants to get with many opinions. For example if a) the free school choice (she is self-evident to) b) insemination of single (she is against), c) special treatment through the support of various groups (against).

Sure it is rhetorical – but compressed editorials are still quite ponderous radio. Her childhood story, however, penetrates through the noise and stay in the heart.

Footnote: Alice Teodorescu’s GP employees. Her Summer gästrecenseras because of Lena Kvist, cultural and entertainment director at Borås Tidning.

The last sentence : “For me it is the total acceptance face of life’s unpredictability, the one I have slowly , despite all opposition, is approaching me freedom. “

Music , melodic and mature: The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel, I’m still standing with Elton John, Anthem with Leonard Cohen, Over the Rainbow by Eva Cassidy.

Tuesday’s worth: hans mosesson, actor and director.


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