Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chat with Sanna Lundell – Swedish Radio

Duck: Yes, this was it, and thought they lived in the happiest of nuclear families. Then drank even one down totally, and after years of Twelve Steps, AA, psych, etc, it’s time for me to give up and let him fight himself. I have bought their own apartment, move in a few weeks. It will be a new phase, it will be good, I have a lot of great people around me and stands firmly in that my children should not live in chaos anymore. But damn what I miss the one I chose, he laughed, bar me, picked mushrooms with me, sing with me, cut the grass with me, sat skaföttes with me on the sofa, took half of the parental leave, and every night the first years the children were small. Before he went away himself. Stupid, stupid, stupid addiction. Thank you for putting words on it.

15:21, 18 July 2015


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