Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stops publishing Mohammed cartoons – Expressen

Satire magazine Charlie Hebdo stop publishing Mohammed cartoons.

– We have done our job, we have defended the right to make caricatures, says editor Laurent SOURISSEAU to the German news magazine Stern.

In January raided two Islamic terrorists into Charlie Hebdos editorial office in Paris and shot and killed twelve people, among them several of the newspaper’s leading cartoonists.

The terrorist network al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen claimed responsibility and stated that the attack was a punishment for the newspaper had published caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Now, says Charlie Hebdos-chief that you should not publish more Muhammad Drawings because “we have done our job.”

– We have signed Mohammed to defend the principle that you can take what you want. But it’s a little odd that we expected to exercise freedom of expression that no one else dares to use, says Laurent SOURISSEAU, chief editor who also owns 40 per cent of the satire magazine, the German news magazine Stern.

– We still think that we have the right to criticize all religions. The mistakes one can accuse Islam can be found in other religions, he said.

SOURISSEAU, known as sign signature Riss, was himself close to being killed by the terrorists. He says to Stern that he survived by playing dead.


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