Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zara Larsson’s speech to näthatare: “Do you still see my corpse?” – Aftonbladet

Zara Larsson’s ultimate youngest summer talkers in P1.

She takes the opportunity to speak directly to näthatarna and -hotarna.

– I do not myself a victim. I am a victim of sexism that exists.

– I am not afraid of death … I am afraid to lie there the route and be forgotten and that life goes on without me … I’m going to be immortal. For real, that is … I want to become a legend, in which Elvis Presley

Approximately so start Zara Larsson its Sommarpratarna in Swedish Radio P1 day.

The 17-year-old dream of selling 40 million albums, have their own record label, become multi-billionaires and save the world.

awash näthat

Right now she can in any case boast of being the youngest Sommarpratarna successor någonson – and one of the country’s most renowned artists.

After her feminist statements Zara Larsson faced criticism, hatred and threats in quantities. And it takes her course in its program.

Among other things, the artist has a clear theory about why näthatarna zeros in on her.

– In 99 cases out of 100 it’s because I am a loud and young feminist who refuses to apologize for that I take place … I refuse to take shit from men.

“Hate macho culture”

For the majority of the who wish to see me murdered or raped is precisely adult males, says Larsson continues:

– It is many times that a woman, especially a young one, should be silenced. Nothing and no one should interfere with the male earth.

Zara Larsson uses a large part of the summer chatter to explain feminism, patriarchy and machismo.

– I hate the macho culture, for it is a warped ideals guys feel obliged to live up to. I hate the macho culture that encourages want violence, she says in P1.

“You are committing a crime”

In the air directed Larsson straight out to the haters, and recalls that the threats as some throw away to her not only offend, but also illegal.

– If you think I’m disgusting and should die … You get to like it. There is no law that keeps track of people’s thoughts or what you and your friend is talking about in the break room when no one is there. But when [you] publish it somewhere so you are committing a crime.

Discusses the word “victim”

Zara Larsson has been called “fjortis” by artist Günther . But many word sent to her in social media is much worse. One that she chooses to lift up the radio is the “victim”.

– Often I read that I should stop making myself a victim. But I do not see myself as an offering. I is a victim of sexism that exists, and there is nothing weak to admit it … It is never the victim’s fault, she says.

“Do you still want to rape me? “

” man-hating “sort Zara Larsson also during his 90 minutes. And she directed once again, hard, against his näthatare.

– I want you to listen to understand that I do not hate men or boys as individuals … I want you to listen to understand that man’s hatred is directed against patriarchy and the macho culture. If you have understood this – do you still want to rape me? Do you still want to kill me? Do you still see my corpse?

Larsson thank everyone who has backed her recently and has something to say to the boys and men who may feel unfairly singled out.

– I sorry I aspersions on you just because you happen to be a man, and are walking in the same place as me. But I have unfortunately not afford to take chances.


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