Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anita Ekberg buried in Skåne Anita Ekberg – Aftonbladet

Yesterday was buried Anita Ekberg in Skanör, writes the Evening Post.

It took over six months to bring home her ashes from Italy.

– Without Per Edler and the Swedish Church’s help, I had not been able to do this, says the niece Christina Ekberg told the newspaper.

Evening Post writes that the Church honor Per Edler , who held the “La dolce vita” -ikonens funeral in Italy, was the one who finally managed to bring home her remains to Sweden.

– Because I would go to Sweden dealt me ​​so she came home. It is important and good that she has come home, says Per Edler told the newspaper.

Dragged on

Anita Ekberg Niece Christina Ekberg says that there was confusion about who would bear the costs and the freight that made it dragged on.

Incumbent Richard Aspegren says it was an intimate and tranquil funeral.

– It was such a beautiful, sunny day. Some of her closest relatives were in place. It was their wish that would happen in silence. We gathered in the tower room in skanör church and had a great devotion and late grave we put Anita in the grave, in the beautiful urn which is like a box.

Her wish

As Nöjesbladet previously written where Anita Ekberg’s own desire to be cremated and soil attached to the side of his brother at the cemetery in Skanor, Skane.

– The gravestone has long been prepared with her own signature, then told his niece Christina Ekberg.

– Anita’s welcome home now.

Meanwhile, stood the urn left at the funeral of Anita’s home town of Genzano, but now she finally had come to his final rest.

Anita Ekberg passed away in January 2015 and was 83 years old.


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