Thursday, August 13, 2015

Music in-ear no more accidents – Swedish Dagbladet

Something clear connection between high speed and more accidents can not see. Photo: Tor Richardsen / TT / Scanpix

Cyclists and motorists get a phone call while driving compensates the attention by driving slower, according to research from Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) and Karlstad University. It has been observed how the test persons act when they talk on cell phones and listening to music.

– If called while driving so stopped the cyclist completely or pulled down the fly. The motorist drove automatically slower and took longer distance to other road users, says Maria Krafft, safety director at the Swedish Transport Administration which helped finance the study.

The opposite was when test subjects, in his opinion, , really good music in headphones.

– With some music increased speed.

According to statistics in the study mobile phones have contributed to 0.2 percent of all reported cases of damage to health over five years. However, no clear association between high speed and more accidents can not see.

– It does not correlate because it compensates his behavior until a certain degree. We are not jätteoroade. But that does not mean that we recommend people to have music in the headphones, says Maria Krafft.


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