Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bianca Ingrosso supported by Laila Bagge and Pernilla Wahlgren – Aftonbladet

Bianca Ingrosso, 20, plans to sue the newspaper Handed Extra, which stated that she spat on Laila Bagge.

Now, she gets the support of Laila and Pernilla Wahlgren – that is just as upset.

“How To base an entire run of the total untruth ?! It is a mystery to me, “writes Pernilla on her blog.

” Furious Bianca spat on Laila Bagge. ” So read the newspaper handed Extras title that got blogger Bianca Ingrosso angering properly.

“was just talking to Laila and we will file a lawsuit regarding this. We like each other very much and I would never spit on anyone, “she wrote on Instagram.

” Does not raised as “

Now, Bianca support of her mother, artist Pernilla Wahlgren .

“There is absolutely zero TRUTH behind either the headline or the article inside the magazine,” she writes on her blog continues:

“To spit on any – or at anyone’s direction – is NOTHING like any of my children would ever make !! They are not educated as me. So to then be portrayed in this way that Bianca is here, of course feels everything else is fun for her. “

‘deeply unfortunate’

Laila Bagge, who was previously married to Pernilla Walhgrens brother Niklas is just as angry over the scandal title.

“I think it is deeply unfortunate that Bianca will get involved in stuff like this crap, I have only good things to say about Bianca, she is a super girl and I hold her heart, “blogs she said.

Both Laila and Bianca says that they have never been seen on NK and handed Extras not contacted them for a comment about the alleged incident .

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