Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Magnus Carlsson devastated – have lost their dog – Aftonbladet

The artist Magnus Carlsson’s beloved dog Selma’s death.

Now, he chooses to tell about the heavy loss:

“I go down to missing for you, “he writes on his blog.

Schlager Star Magnus Carlsson is going through a tough time in life. His beloved dog Selma has passed away. Now he chooses to tell you about the tough loss:

“You took with you my heart. Thats how it is. Everything except a small piece that I need myself to keep going this body for a while. But until we meet again, it will always be missing a big piece. First there and then it will be complete again, “writes Magnus Carlsson in a blog post.

Remember back

In his text he remembers back on the moments they had together. As autumn of 2001 when he had to ask a few music producers of apology in connection with the recordings of the album “A new Christmas”. The reason was that Selma, who was then a puppy, had been bitten by a cord.

“We kept you in opposite paw”

Magnus Carlsson says that Selma was an intelligent, witty and sweet Dog that got thirteen puppies and says she was put to sleep in the company of loved ones:

“Tranquil and fine – completely quiet and serene gave you by. We kept you in opposite paw and smiled into your brown eyes, and I saw that the last thing your pretty eyes registered were us – your family. “Writes Magnus Carlsson on the blog.

The blog post has received over 200 Comments from people who want to show empathy and compassion to Magnus Carlsson at this difficult time.


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