Thursday, November 12, 2015

Clear: “Never wipe tears” get sequel – Aftonbladet

hit series “Never wipe tears without gloves” gets a sequel.

It reveals Jonas Gardell for Nöjesbladet.

– It will be extremely exciting for it is a project I have put lifeblood in, he said.

The film version of Jonas Gardell, 52 novel series ” Never wipe tears without gloves “hailed by critics. The portrayal of young gay men in the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s Stockholm was awarded the televisions-price crystal for best TV drama. Now it is clear with a sequel.

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Nöjesbladet hits Jonas Gardell at a rehearsal for his stage performance ” My single life. ” Then he reveals that he just submitted the script for the new TV series.

– It’s not a sequel, in that it’s the same characters, but there are some themes about the fragility of life, the mixture between past and the past and that there is a fairly large ensemble that is common to it and “Never wipe tears”.

Recorded the next year

The script is fully written and filming begins next year.

– It will be extremely exciting because it’s a project I’ve put lifeblood in, he said.

What is it about?

– I do always very sad things that are very funny, and very funny things that are also sad. It is far too early to talk about what it’s about, but the title is “The days that the flowers are blooming,” says Jonas Gardell.

When the series premiere is not decided yet.


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