Thursday, November 12, 2015

Give Adam Tensta a ticket to Swan Lake – Expressen

Even taken out of context, it’s a beautiful picture, a frozen moment of a choreography, writes Ms Brodrej if it criticized the poster Royal Opera withdrawn.

After complaints The Royal Opera removed a poster from his storefront that advertises “Swan Lake”.

The image is a detail from a love tryst from Mats Ek choreography of “Swan Lake” .

A white feet leaning against the prince (the Clyde Emanuel Archers ) head.

Even taken out of context, it’s a beautiful picture, a frozen moment , from a choreography. And unique it is also because this is one of those rare occasions when a black swan is Prince over a white hoof. So, it is not usually at the world’s ballet scenes and it looked not like 30 years ago when the choreography was danced for the first time. Oak has wanted to change something.

I have respect to Afro-Swedes, weary of racist comments in a constant feeling of disadvantage in the white hegemony, did not feel particularly eager to be understanding. Each one owns his own experience.

Or they think that I am not entitled to speak on the matter.

Still, I would venture to an objection to the criticism that emerged during a day in social media. Even if you do not know a thing about Mats Ek’s choreographic language can actually, without much effort, to see that the black man in the picture enjoys. He closes his eyes, bows his head a little to one side to the pressure, and his mouth is half open.

This with feet in faces is one of Mats Ek’s signature gestures. The dancers’ feet are being stroked, they climb on their stomachs and walk across the backs and conveys a powerful sensuality beyond words.

Again. There are a black prince in a white hoof. But those who oppose the current poster therefore been placed in the shop window at a backstreet uses guilt by association. Opera is conservative in nature, they think. It has been there before. Therefore, this is an expression of racism. In this case, they could therefore not have been more wrong. Royal Opera balettkår is also one of Sweden’s most multicultural publicly funded ensembles.

This is a failure of the Royal Opera that they have successfully received the public to realize it. A better idea than to remove the poster would be to invite opponents of a performance. I venture to guess that they would come out with a different view. “Do you see the pattern?” Asked Adam Tensta on his Facebook. Do you see the “Swan Lake” in that case, Adam?


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