Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Love Antell, ‘My grandfather was SS soldier’ ​​- Aftonbladet

Love Antell grandfather was SS soldier.

In a new television program must love to know more about him.

– I’m sure to renounce it so clear, says Love Antell.

In his new SVT programs “Love in Finland” traveling artist Love Antell , 35, to the right in Finland to immerse themselves in their Finnish heritage. The series will Love Antell learn more about her grandfather Antti Aaltonen was the SS soldier.

– I’ve always known, but I’m trying to find out more about it section when I visit Loimaa, my mother’s childhood home, says Love Antell.

“He was young and naive”

Finland was allied with Germany in World War II. It made some pimples enlisted in the SS.

– He was not recruited by the Finnish army, he was only 17 years old. And his brother who fell in World War II was in the army. He wanted to do that to him. He was young and naive, says Love Antell.

Met him every summer

Antti Aaltonen died 15 years ago. Until then met Love him every summer. Loves Grandpa has not expressed any remorse for their actions or at all wanted to talk about the war.

– He also spoke Finnish, and I speak Swedish as the language barrier between us was that we could not talk about it. I have asked my mother very much about it. She always wanted to know more. But it has been a closed door, he said.

Do you think it is important what you come from? I think that even the grandfather does not have a lot of self-making.

– So, it’s so clear. Family history is special in that it is a part of, but something you’ve never been a part of yourself. However, there is much to learn from history. Especially today, when the right-wing populism appear again.


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