Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TV4 farmer Stefan about the naked pictures – Expressen

It’s not just kärleksnärmanden front of the camera in “Farmer Wants wife “.

Now tell the farmer Stefan Hildingsson that he showered with letters from female admirers outside the program – and received some nude pictures.

” One of them had completely forgotten to put on somewhat on the upper body, “he says to Linda Lindorff blog.

This year’s” Farmer Wants a Wife ‘committers are the least popular. Prior to the program hit the farmer Pontus Hugosson record number of love letters, including one from “Paradise Hotel ‘profile Paulina ” Paow “Danielsson.

Now, even though the program is already recorded and ready , Wells still in love new proposals for the farmers. The TV host Linda Lindorff’s blog says “Farmer Wants a Wife” -deltagaren Stefan Hildingsson he received both love letters and nudes since the television program pulled at once.

“Yes, some have been lightly dressed. One of them had completely Forgot to take on something of the body, “says Stefan Lindgren in” Farmer Wants a Wife “-programledarens blog.

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Stefan Hildingsson: “It’s off-putting”

However, those who tried something naked reaches no success with the farmer. In the blog post says he fact that he is not interested in any naked pictures.

“Quite honestly, that’s not working for me. I think rather that it is off-putting. It may sound strange, but I want to know who they are before I see them naked, “he says in the post.

But it is not just a love letter and daring images that are flowing to the farmer. Stefan Hildingsson has also been forced to acquire unlisted number because so many girls have called him since the program began.

Another girl took the step further and showed up at his house unannounced – with a freshly baked cake.

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Linda Lindorff: “I am quite impressed”

Linda Lindorff writes in the blog post that she is impressed by the female admirers perseverance to capture Stefan Hilding’s heart.

“I must say I’m pretty impressed with the enterprise. Think it’s brave of you that still tried, whether it’s made with sponge cake or naked breasts. And I know that Stefan disagree. You have to dare to win, it’s just, “she writes.

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