Sunday, November 1, 2015

Swift sued for millions for låtstöld – Vasterbotten Courier

R & amp; B singer Jesse Graham accused the superstar Taylor Swift for låtstöld and correct her on the equivalent of SEK 350 million, writes The New York Daily News.

Graham argue that the text of Swift’s hit single “Shake it off” from last year is a plagiarism of his own song “Haters gone hate” from in 2013.

– Her loop is the same as mine, and if I had not written “Haters gone hate” would be the song “Shake it off” not having been said Graham told the newspaper.

Jesse Graham’s earlier proposed settlement was that he would stand as co-composer for the song – and he wanted to take a selfie along with Swift. This idea was rejected by the Swift team, and now Graham instead be financial compensation.


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