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After tough year: now takes Jill Johnson-time out – Aftonbladet

After the separation from her husband and tough job: "I need land"

She has had a hectic year full of work and a heartbreaking separation.

Now take Jill Johnson time out after the success of "So much better".

– I’ll actually turn off properly after the end of the year, I need to land, ” she says to Nöjesbladet.

It has been a turbulent year for the Jill Johnson, bordered by the hard work – and a game-changing divorce.

After 17 years together, separated she and Håkan Werner, 55, at the beginning of the year. It was kept secret until after the recording of "So much better" then she told me about it in the P4 Extra with the Lotta Bromé in connection with the release of her new album.

– Much of the album’s songs are written out of a great sadness. I and my husband separated at the beginning of the year and have stayed at different places during the summer, ” she said in the interview, and continued:

– It is a process. I don’t know where it will land, but it was a great sadness, and a lot that came out of me when we wrote the songs in the beginning of the year.

IN TV4:s program, she sang a skilsmässoversion Tommy Nilsson "Open your door", and Nilsson was an important support for her during the time.

– I leaned against my own grief. When it was recorded, nobody knew about anything. Therefore, I got strength, I’m more vulnerable in the day when everyone knows about it. I am also confident with Tommy, he has played with my husband for many years so I knew him since before, she said to Nöjesbladet before the premiere of the program.


Jill Johnson is different – after 17 years

Take time out

If your career has been busy, will hardly success in TV4:s program change on the matter. Jill Johnson does, however, completely on – and take time out.

– You get a boost, it will get all that is. But I did not go into this with a strategy, all the others are going out and touring in the eftersvallet of "So much better" but I’ll take the day off, ” she says and laughs.

– I’ll actually turn off properly after the end of the year. I don’t know if I should call it vacation, I’ll just take and to calm me down I have just been working way too much. I need to tag down and land with both feet, and see what happens

"A piece of jewelry in the box"

pressträffen in October, a few months after the recordings, the participants had not been any greater.

– In a way brought this close to us, Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s death brought us together from day one. Tommy has heard of, and we met at Josefine (Jinders, ed) release party. But I don’t think any of the previous gangs hang out, everything peters out. It is a sober way to look at it. It has a little blues when it is finished, and then it is a piece of jewelry in the box was to go back to and watch every now and then, she said then.

Jill Johnson has, through her contact declined to give an interview in connection with the program.


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