Sunday, December 11, 2016

Angello and Adrian is sued by the nanny – Expressen

Steve Angello recently moved home to Sweden.

Now sued the Swedish House Mafia member and his wife, Isabel Adrian, from “planners”, of his nanny.

“She was dismissed for inappropriate behavior against our children,” says Steve Angello.

It is nöjessajten TMZ reports that Steve Angello and Isabel Adrian is sued by a woman who previously worked as the couple’s nanny.

According to the writ this site has been part of the claims nanny to Steve Angello and Isabel Adrian “ripped off” her to move to Sweden, where they “treated her like cattle” and then give her the sack.

Nanny should have received 50 000 dollars (close to 459 000 sek) in annual salary. Nanny also claims that she was promised a work schedule and her workload, to take care of the couple’s two daughters, would not be greater in Sweden.

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But when the nurse came to Sweden, she argues that therefore she closest was treated like a slave. She should have been working 24 hours a day the first three weeks and lived in a hotel room together with the children.

According to the lawsuit should the nanny have then been fired on to the standing foot when she, after a month’s work confronted Isabel Adrian and Steve Angello on her working conditions.

Now, true, she revealed the pair have “lied” about the service, because they have not been paid for the overtime and for that she was fired on the wrong grounds.

When Expressen reaches Steve Angello, he knows not to the lawsuit.

” I was aware of the case but did not think it was that lawsuit. She was dismissed for inappropriate behavior towards our children. I don’t want to go into more detail but this is any kind of defense from her side, ” he says and continues:

At the moment, I have got strict restrictions that provide further information.

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Steve Angello describes the situation as ” frustrating.

Imagine if everyone would be like the americans and sue each other instead of asking for forgiveness. Perhaps it is the way to start to behave. Well sue people for the sake of it. It is very annoying but since we lived in the US for so many years, we are unfortunately accustomed to such here.

In the beginning of november was the Steve Angello of a famous producer and a former business partner.

the Duo requires the Swedish DJ star of just over 13 million dollars, closer to 120 million.

” It’s nothing to take seriously. This is what happens, unfortunately. A friend of mine got sued by the postman that he had not put out välkomstmattan at the mailbox once. It is jätteoseriöst and nothing I discuss or think about. It is pretty irrelevant and pretty damn frivolous, Steve Angello in the past commented on the lawsuit for Expressen.


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