Monday, December 5, 2016

Big criticism of SVT:s succéprogram – Expressen

Erik Haag and Lotta Lundgren sounds than once the alcohol flow in tonight’s "Historieätarna".

it is not the first time the gratuity in the program – which is criticised by IOGT-NTO.

“It makes no reflection on alkoholkonsumtionens negative impact,” says Simon Holmesson at IOGT-NTO.

In tonight’s episode of the food programme "Historieätarna" in the Swedish tv-viewers will follow with the host Erik Haag, 49, and Lotta Lundgren, 45, to the food and drink culture in the 1990s.

In the program, viewers a history lesson of Göran Persson (S), the minister of finance between the years of 1992 to 1994, on the financial crisis in the beginning of the decade. But the hosts do not eat, only through facts and morsels from the era. Lotta Lundgren discusses how the concept of happy hour, gained a foothold at several bars in the wake of the financial crisis:

– the time of Our visit in the 90′s continues in recession’s shadow. Krogbesök is the first thing that people skimp on when you are short on money. Therefore launched the concept of happy hour – half price on alcohol until 19, says Lotta Lundgren in the program.

Lotta Lundgren and Erik Haag sits down at a bar and order beer and period shots.

the Duo of drinks including a couple of so-called "hot shots" each. Shoten consists of coffee, whipped cream and liqueur Galliano. Hot shots and liqueur Galliano had its heyday in 1993, and Lotta Lundgren explains why it is not followed up succéåret with new successes:

– It becomes too popular. This will be for a short period, the only shoten you can drink in Sweden. It simply becomes so popular that it becomes completely out just a year later, Lotta says in the program.

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Erik: "Still a little full"

Lotta and Erik washes down shotsen with a few beer and colorful shots. Erik Haag tells us before he has to go to bed if his intoxication.

” I’m still a little full after the afterwork. It is there where hotshottande that I’m not accustomed to. You feel bad afterwards, I can say in all cases, ” he says in the program.

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In last week’s episode was the program of the age. Then tried to Erik and Lotta drinking to catch up with, among others, Karl XII, who was the king of Sweden from 1697 until his death in 1718. Erik and Lotta could not manage to drink up all the measured ration, but became drunk on liquor and wine.

– One can still say that it is a kind of triumph for the programledarkonsten. Despite the fact that I had drunk pretty much all the time, so it has not been my programlederi that I was drunk during the day, ” commented Erik the Hague in the program.

"Make no reflection"

Simon Holmesson, political secretary, alcohol and drug issues on the temperance organisation, IOGT-NTO, is critical to the alcohol takes up so much space in the "Historieätarna".

“It makes no reflection on alkoholkonsumtionens negative impact,” he says.

Simon Holmesson understand that programkonceptet and drinking alcohol in the program. But he thinks that the program should be more questioning.

– It is not a kind of norm-critical view of the program. It reflects much of the food tastes strange, but you ought to permeate several parts of the program of how the consumption of alcohol creates problems in the society, ” he says.


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