Monday, December 12, 2016

Bob Dylan to Sweden – Göteborgs-Posten

Bob Dylan and his band will come to Sweden for three concerts in the spring. The first and second of april to play the legendary artist on the Waterfront in Stockholm. Then he travels, and the band on for another gig at Sparbanken Skåne arena on april 9, announces konsertarrangören Live Nation.

Tickets to the unique live shows being released on Wednesday, the 14th of december, at nine o’clock.

“Bob Dylan needs no introduction. The last time he played in Sweden was in 2015, and even then, the Waterfront hosted two sold-out and acclaimed concerts. This time Lund also visited by this giant – a giant that not only is visiting Sweden as the award-winning and well-loved singer and songwriter, but also as the nobel Laureate in literature.” writes Live Nation in a press release, and adds:

“We look forward to three great certain concert nights when the in april with Bob Dylan.”

Gothenburg is not on the miniturnén. It does, however, Lund ninth of april, therefore, receives the visit of the skygge in the world cup, Bob Dylan, who then performs at the Sparbanken Skåne arena.

Bob Dylan never came to Nobelceremonin in Stockholm . Instead was read there at the weekend his acceptance speech by united states ambassador to Sweden Azita Raju. Ago, singer Patti Smith, 69, an unforgettable interpretation of Dylan’s song A hard rain’s a-gonna fall.

It is not yet clear if the concerts are fully self contained or if they can be connected to Dylan’s nomination for the nobel prize in literature.

“unfortunately We have no information to convey in the question at the moment,” says Jonna Petterson, public relations officer at the Nobel foundation to the GP.

in Order to get the prize sum of eight million distributed is expected to Dylan, as well as previous winners of the prize, within half a year to keep “some kind lecture,” according to Jonna Pettersson.

What is the meaning of such a lecture?

- unfortunately, I have no details to give you about it. But we take in as far as possible, taken into account each recipients individual wishes when the lectures will be designed. It’s supposed to be a collaboration.

Would these gigs could be seen as Bob Dylan’s lecture?

” I can’t answer, and we must take a position.

the Musician and poet Bob Dylan was awarded the 2016 nobel Prize in literature, for having “created a new poetic expression in the great american song tradition”, according to the Swedish Academy, the justification.

Sara Danius, in the past, in november confirmed that she had contact with Dylan’s manager, and had been told that the performer comes to Stockholm in the spring.

“We have decided to cancel everything that day. The reason is that there are good chances that he will come to Stockholm in the spring. It will be an excellent opportunity to keep his lecture.” said Sara Danius to bbc radio then.


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