Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Colleagues major criticism of the SVT, Expressen

Now gives programledarkollegerna on the SVT Ulf Wallström its support – at the same time as the target of criticism against the employer.

“I do not believe that he had stopped if you had found a solution with a schedule where he thinks he had found,” says the presenter Marianne Rundström.

the News that the beloved newsreader Ulf Wallgren, 62, ends at the end of the year, struck down like a bomb inside on the SVT.

And when it is discovered that the reason he is leaving is that the company has not been able to offer him the working hours and the tasks take note that he wishes to work in a slower pace in the daytime, several of them upset.

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One of them is Marianne Rundström, 65, beloved tv show “Gomorron Sverige”.

– I would like to gallskrika to all employers: “Oh heck, create the conditions and see the experienced workforce and take advantage of it,” she says.

She believes that we in Sweden suffer from åldersnoja where the youth are given priority at the expense of the elderly and experienced. She has also written a book on the subject, with the title “Passé: The involuntary pensioners”.

SVT should change the attitude

” We in Sweden distinguishes us note immensely compared with other countries. Just look at Finland, where the man had a ten-year campaign to enable older people to stay at work. It has been successful. Now work people three, four years later and attitudes have changed, ” she says.

She believes that employers must change attitudes, and to adapt to the older.

– You can’t work higher up in age, if you do not adapt the workplace for older workers, if not the will is there, ” she says.

“One would wish that the companies could adapt and be afraid of their labour,” she says with address, inter alia, SVT, and continues:

– And create the conditions for work higher up in age. Had Ulf been given a different schedule so had he not stopped, ” she says.

She thinks that the attitude to older workers deteriorated in her own professional life.

– in the old days was the much larger individual account in the workforce than it is done today, ” she says and explains that when she herself was new in his career and at the same time was the single mother of a young child, so tailored to her duties so that she could work.

Elfsberg was forced away against his will

Claes Elfsberg, 68, is one of Sweden’s most seasoned newscaster. After 45 years as a newscaster, he led his last broadcast of “the News” 30 november 2015 when he reaches the age of retirement to 67 years. She was forced to then – against his will – to stop.

“I was happy to continue as the host of a news show about the company only had allowed me to do it,” he says.

He wishes that the SVT has been more flexible in adapting themselves to the wishes of older employees.

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” I feel bad about the principle that the appointment shall cease against the employee’s will just because you fill years. I don’t like it there. I think that we shall see at work, retirement at the new and modern way. We feel so much better and is much more energetic in the day at 67 than for 30 or 40 years ago, ” he explains.

Claes Elfsberg compare with the adaptations which an employer is forced to implement, for example, a person sitting in a wheelchair should be able to work at a workplace.

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