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Ernst ”Love is nothing cookie recipes” – Aftonbladet

Beloved Ernst bake, julpysslar and decorating again in TV4.

He tells Nöjesbladet how he makes love to flourish, what he does to feel good, why his christmas program is recorded in november – and if the future of tv.

– It gets a boost when people care about the programs, ” he says.

Now Ernst Kirchsteiger, 59, his ninth season of TV4′s "Christmas with Ernst", which was recorded in november.

Some seasons he has had to fight a little extra with the christmas spirit in a manor wing on the Gustavsvik mansion outside Kristinehamn in Värmland, but it was easier this year thanks to the abundant snowfall.

– You look up, glance down and think "is it really impossible to get some snow?". Already in the first programme we got snow, and then disappeared and came back in the last program. I am almost 60 years old and still yearn for snow. When it was snow started to the whole team rejoice, ” he says.

What tricks do you have to get the right christmas spirit despite the fact that the program be recorded in november?

– It is lucky that I think christmas is a nice celebration. When I begin to write the scripts, it is still the case that people running around in skjorts. Then I think, "put on your clothes, I’m working on a christmas program". To find about christmas is essential to do a christmas program. The christmas spirit comes with it that I say and do, there is no problem, ” he says.

there Are no possibilities to play out closer to christmas?

– It must catch the edited. We do not have the time otherwise. But winter comes when it will. The snow came fortunately, early in the year.

Kirchsteiger says that he feels as good as it seems when you see him in the box.

What do you do to feel good?

– I am an aesthete and see beauty in things. I try not to be blasé with life, I have done all before, know how it is and ignore it. When I go out in the woods I have been there 1000 times and then I think "now I will not go the way that I last went. I try to reset and see the day as if it is the first time. One then becomes a good deal more stimulated. I am also married and loved. We have been together for about 40 years. In addition, I work with the things I think about, ” he says.

He met wife Ulla already when he was 17 years old and they have been a couple since then.

How to keep the love alive?

– There is no cookie recipes. It is needs-based. You have to see and listen to each other. The worst that can happen is that you stop listening and are through the moments that you have together. When your wife says something that is important, it is good to just stop and listen. And that you get to laugh and tanning is very important. So that you don’t take life too seriously. There must be joy, and suddenly it has gone a lot of years together, ” he says.

another way for Ernst to feel good is to not think too much ahead.

– Sometimes it is nice to take a week at a time and try to make it as good as possible. I work during the christmas season and summer and then there will be a peak There are periods of time when it levels out, but I have all the time to do that.”

He talks about his everyday life between jobs. Then he pulls back.

– I go home and close the door. Far out in the country where not a single person cares. It’s nice. Where you have to find a rhythm. I we economise in the use of my time in public and then it will be rather fun to, for example, signing books. It gets a boost when people care about the programs, ” he says.

How do you look at your next year?

– I think I will do both the summer and the christmas program. But right now I am not thinking so much about it. I am thinking more of to sum up this year, and ponder what became of it this year. It is also something you can do to feel a little bit better. It is to sit and reflect on how it became and who you have met and sort a bit. It is the phase I’m in right now that I am sitting with a smile on your face and think back on the year that has passed. There will be new tag next year.

How will you personally celebrate christmas?

– Traditionally at home. I live far out in the country and the guys will be here with their respective. We eat and have a nice and lovely christmas. I might be knocking on with the acquaintances who have the mulled wine to simmer, and so can you talk a little bit. That’s the advantage of living in the country, for it will be so quiet.

Part 1 of "Christmas with Ernst" airs on Thursday, 8 december in TV4.


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