Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Farmer-Eric’s great betrayal in the program – Expressen

Grisbonden Erik Bäckman has received strong kärleksbekräftelser from their freer, Linnea, and My.

He kissed both – but has not told them about their hot amorous encounters.

In tonight’s episode of "Farmer seeks wife", he must choose who he should send home and disappoint.

” I have hardly slept tonight, Erik, prior to the decision.

Grisbonden Erik Bäckman, 21, faces a difficult choice in tonight’s episode of the TV4-program "Farmer seeks wife". He has two suitors remain on his farm in the Dannäs: Linnea Åberg, 21, and My Niklasson, 21. Both have shown strong feelings for him in the program.

Erik Bäckman has responded to the emotions in the previous section – and kissed both. In addition, he has had a passionate night with hästbonden Sigrid Bergåkra, 43, earlier in the season.

Erik and Linnea Åberg has also kissed each other beyond the tv cameras. When the tv team went home from his farm crept up and she is in secret.

” It was not our first kiss that we got to see on tv, commented Linnea Åberg.

Linnea has told Eric that she is in love with him. My have been a bit more careful – but made it clear that she is where Erik’s sake.

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In Wednesday’s section, he must choose who will stay with him on the farm – and who should get to go home. Erik Bäckman says in the program about våndorna for their choice:

” I have hardly slept tonight. I have been thinking about my options. How am I going to do and how to think. Both the girls are stunning and after slutdejterna did they not my choice easier, but they made it very difficult for me, ” he says in the program.

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the Host Linda Lindorff warns against the face of the program on his blog about the strong feelings that come. Both Erik and farmer Jennifer Erlandsson must do their slutval and Lindorff will be affected.

"Unrequited love can do terrible pain. On Wednesday you will get to see it, and I warn you, this hurts not only of the person experiencing it – you are going to feel the pain, too," she writes.


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