Friday, December 2, 2016

He wins Idol – according to musikjätten – Aftonbladet

the Number of streams on Liam Cacatian Thomassens own song wins by far over the other participants.

If the voting follows the same pattern as the results on Spotify it will be Liam who wins this year’s Idol.
– you will See that the song starts to bubble on Spotify, it is a very strong proof that there is a huge interest for the idol, ” says Nikki Amini.

the Three idols are in the final and have to make up in the Globe. But viewers have already designated its winners. According to a branschkälla with good transparency, it is only Liam Cacatian Thomassen which reaches a pass level when it comes to the number of streams on the Idols of their songs on Spotify.

– The only thing that is approved is Liam’s digits. And then it is just accepted and nothing to really rejoice over. For someone who has taken themselves so far in the "Idol" should the numbers be even higher, but so has the program lost viewers this year, the source said, to Nöjesbladet.

the Idols of their songs have at the time of writing been published in six days on Spotify. Liam Cacatian Thomassens let the lead by far with 432 000 streams. the Charlie Grönvall ports on a sistaplats with 42 000 streams.
– The other streamingsiffrorna none of the record companies to be even close to happy with, given the exposure "Idol"-the participants get on prime time every week. 42 000 is to and with katastrofdåligt.

"A strong proof"

According to jury member Nikki Amini it is important that the winner of idol is a person whose songs are streamed a lot and will be able to boost record sales.
– It is of course very important. Both to get a confirmation that it has gone well here in the race and built up a ‘fanbase’ who are interested in outside of the program, “she says, and continues:

” this is a large format broadcast on prime time television. The exposure is huge. You can see that the song starts to bubble on Spotify, it is a very strong proof that there is a huge interest for the idol.

She notes, however, that she does not think you should stare yourself blind on numbers for the upcoming finale.

"I can stumble"

the Idols themselves do not believe that streamingsiffrorna says something about who will be the vinnarne of Idol 2016. Liam is pleased to have the highest number of streams. But points out that anything can happen.
– It is precisely for the moment. But you wouldn’t know the answer on who you think is going out until people have run. People might think that I win but I might stumble. Or something can go wrong. I take nothing for granted.

Charlie Grönvall have noticed Liam’s success, but believe that there are many other things that come into play when the crowd is calling and voting.
– I think there are very many different factors. There has been skrällar before. When it comes to myself so I had not even thought that I would come to the Globe, ” he says.


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