Friday, December 2, 2016

SVT has changed in the “On track” before the start”

the SVT scraps section "Who’s there?" before säsongstarten of "On the trail"

the Program needed to freshen up and has been given a completely new element, report, Nöjesbladet.

“We hope that the viewers will appreciate it and that they are to keep up with the good,” says Christina von Sydow on the SVT to the newspaper.

” the black pearl "On track" with the hosts, Fredrik Lindström, 53, and samuel west, 50, is back. This year’s edition of the SVT success has been expanded with a extraavsnitt – a julspecial which airs on december 23. But it is not the only change in the popular program.

the SVT has chosen to emphasize the moment "Who’s there?" out of the program. The reason is that SVT want to renew the program, reports Nöjesbladet.

"Who’s there?," I thought enough was difficult. But sometimes snatched the participants in the brake only after a few pictures. From our point of view, it was not too difficult, it had more of a change to make, ” says the program’s project manager Christina von Sydow to Nöjesbladet.

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the SVT has replaced the section with "the List", which the participants must find the four correct answers in a list of eight options.

Now, the hope SVT that the viewers will take to the new branch in the same way as the participants did.

” Everybody thought it was very funny, you go in time on it. What we discovered when we did a bit of testing was that everybody threw themselves over it. You wanted to be with and to solve it, ” says Christina von Sydow.

In the evening broadcast the first episode of "On the track. When competing journalists Johan Hilton, 39, and Kristin Lundell, 34, to Malou von Sivers, 63, and Sigge Eklund, 42.

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During the pressträffen for this year’s edition of "On track," said Fredrik Lindström about how nice it is to finally get the pull in time of the season.

” We have been working on this throughout the year. It is a bit like a boat you made and tarred, and you get to finally launch it, ” he says.


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