Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tells about the collapse: ”Got an allergic reaction” – Aftonbladet

Dogge Doggelito tells of the collapse on Facebook

Dogge Doggelito, 41, collapsed and was taken to the hospital in the ambulance.

Now he is on his legs again.

– It was an allergic reaction and I dropped kind air, ” he says in a clip on the Facebook.

Thursday went Dogge Doggelito emergency to the hospital in an ambulance after having had fallen together in his studio.

– don’t Know, but now it was my turn to be sick. Will probably be gone for a while on Facebook, but is soon back with a song, tour, lectures and training sessions and joy to the people, wrote Latin Kings-the profile on Facebook.

Now he uses the same platform to tell us that he is on the mend.

– I feel good now. Thanks for all the support and all the mess on the flowers and the donats of all love and compassion, is seen on Monday when we go again toootalish, he writes in a video where he has the bandage on his left arm and a bandage on his head.

"Fell in the studio"

Dogge Doggelito also explains what he suffered.

– It was an allergic reaction and I lost type the air and fell in the studio and hit his head and was just blue, ” he says in the clip that was published on Monday.

After the collapse was found Dogge Doggelito of his friend Ivan, and got help.

– Thanks to Ivan who found me in the nick of time in the studio, and thank you Lennart for emergency oxygen when the air became heavy and thanks to all the fans who sent their greetings on the flowers. Everything is under control now according to the doctor," he wrote Thursday.

In the comment wishes to the fans that he will get well soon.


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