Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Rolling Stones make the ulitmata rock bluesskivan – Sveriges Radio

“the Blue & Lonesome” – the title sounds like an album from the late 50′s when the rolling Stones members have just begun to fiddle with the guitars. In a way, the band has returned to the time, but without nostalgia. Then simply go back to the repertoire they had the beginning: the Stones played american blues, now they do it with a halvsekels rock in your fingers.

unlike many other white artists who plays black music has Stones never tried to hide the fact that they do covers. They have paid homage to the before authors, saved many american black musicians from oblivion by taking them on tours and talk about them in interviews.

For more than 10 years ago I saw a great Stones concert when the band in the middle of the show ran out on a small stage and played covers. Oh well, then it is much better now, than when they did the same songs in the past, I thought. But to this level I thought they would come.

Blue & Lonesome” is the ultimate rock bluesskivan. The fixed structure of the blueskompositionerna encounter nervousness and a little bit of obehärskad the energy from the band. They have recorded that it would be a live concert, and the Stones have always been best live.

Classics such as “Hoo doo Blues” sounds good, yes, more than that: excellent. Jagger does Willie Dixon’s “I can’t quit you Baby,” a slow blues that is difficult for an englishman to get that sound convincing – but he manages. Most compelling are the Stones in the upbeat.

A future Stonesklassiker triples I is “Commit a crime” as Howlin Wolf recorded. The old folks have not been so concentrated in the studio in many decades, and it is Mick Jagger who runs the record; he must have made a pact with the devil and received eternal life in the white jet set to sing the blackness of the blues.

In truth, this plays no halvdöda white men. “Blue & Lonesome” sounds of joy-so energetic that the listener does not at all feel blue, but, on the contrary happy and in good company.


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