Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Viewers’ criticism of Swedish Television for “Sing” – Expressen

Several viewers react strongly to SVT for “Sing-along at Skansen “.

On social media, many questions why Zara Larsson only got to sing a song and why she is not interviewed by Petra Marklund.

” Why did not she more time in the box? ” writes a Twitter user.

Tonight’s “Sing Skansen” was characterized by Bosse Larsson’s death.

TV legend, who led the program for 19 years, died on Saturday night.

In the opening number acclaimed because Petra Marklund Larsson by singing his signature tune “Sing along, sing along”.

– The This is for you, Bosse said Marklund in the broadcast.

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Darin was one of the artists who participated in the program . “Idol” -vinnaren sang two of her songs – one in the following program on SVT Play – and a sing-along. He was also interviewed on stage by Petra Marklund.

Zara Larsson sang his song “Lush Life” and was met by a huge cheer from the crowd at Skansen for their behavior.

Although the social Media hailed rising star, who released the album “1″ last year.

But there are many who question the Zara Larsson only got to sing a song in the program and in following the broadcast on SVT Play.

“Why did not she more time in the box?” wrote one Twitter user.

“But hey, sing? Perhaps position to give Zara Larsson with site? Darin got two songs, an interview and a sing. Zara had a song, “writes another person, continues:

” Especially considering that the media wrote about Zara Larsson for the program, and which sing her to sing so on. But no, more men thanks “.

” Wait, she would sing a song and Darin three? How did Skansen there? “writes another.

” When they do not interview Zara after she sung. .., “writes another.

Before the” Sing-along at Skansen “is TV host Petra Marklund praised the 17-year-old.

– I think she is an amazing, awesome girl, inspirational, she said then.

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