Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Historieätarna” notification – after julbordsreklam – Aftonbladet

SVT: "this crash is not optimal"

A tv program about food and a christmas show about food, at the same time.

"Historieätarna" have been notified to the review board but, according to the SVT has no breach has been committed.
– this crash is not optimal. But it is not completely unreasonable, ” says Lena Beckman on the SVT.

Erik Haag and Lotta Lundgren is right now current with a third season of the popular tv program "Historieätarna" in SVT. At the same time, they return to the art gallery Artipelag in order to make a season with its christmas show, "All-can-eat christmas dinner".

According to SVT’s regulatory framework may not employees to do the job in the commercial context, a month before and after the SVT-work.

A viewer has now notified the "Historieätarna" to the review board after having seen the advertising for julshowen in the newspaper.

the Show is marketed as an experience which "puts together the food on the plate with insights about what a christmas dinner is, how it should be eaten and why it has such a central place in our food culture and our lives".


'Historieätarna' nibble back to….

"A matter of opinion"

in Spite of the mean SVT that no breach has been committed.
– When we decided to make a third season of "Historieätarna" so was julshowen already planned. Stuff like this is really a matter of opinion and it is just as you say, that the SVT has pretty strict rules. But because the show does not have any link to SVT:s "Historieätarna" so, we approved it here. So no shadow over Erik and Lotta, ” says Eva Beckman, programbeställare for culture, facts, events, religion and beliefs on the SVT.

According to Beckman tried to SVT to put the sending of the "Historieätarna" during another period, but it was not possible.
– this crash is not optimal. But it is not completely unreasonable, ” she says, and continues:

– It was important for us when the clash became a fact of life is that there is no connection whatsoever to SVT:s "Historieätarna" in the marketing of julshowen. So far I have been able to assess it, it has not been done.

Food and cuisine

Last year there was a similar crash when Haag and Lundgren was present in this year’s advent calendar is "a Thousand years to christmas," and at the same time did a christmas show. SVT said then it was okay because the christmas calendar is not revolved around food, but about being a child.
But now it’s all about food and food?
– I don’t know how it was a year ago. But what we can say is that it would be impossible is to make "Historieätarna" in tv and "Historieätarna"-the show, at the same time. We would not be able to allow.


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