Sunday, December 4, 2016

Max Lorentz on konsertattacken – Svenska Dagbladet

the Punk Cunts & Pricks concert at Göta källare in Stockholm on Saturday night, was meant as a tribute to the band the Sex Pistols. But instead of music, came a fight to stand in the centre. Expressen, which was the first to report the news, has published a video that shows how a person get up on stage and goes to the attack. According to Lorentz were the guards far from the scene when it all happened.

– They were not even close. After the incident stopped everything, and our lead singer shouted after the guards into the microphone. Yet it took four to five minutes before they arrived. Really weird, he says to TT.

He says he feels “better according to the circumstances,” but tells us that he began to tremble when he saw filmsekvensen on Sunday morning.

Then came everything back.

A quarter of an hour before the show will the suspected offender be taken into the band’s dressing room to ask if he got to be with and sing any song. The answer was no – which he does not want to accept. Shortly thereafter saw the Lorentz how the man jumped up on stage and took over the microphone, then another band played.

” I talked with the guys in that band and they said that they felt so threatened that they let him be.

When it was Cunts & Pricks turn to play, it took only a minute before the man was back up on the stage. He was rejected at first but then up again.

“When he comes barreling down at me with his fist at the ready while he looks me in the eyes,” says Lorentz.

– He starts to fight with his fists and when he comes over me, I feel that my foot is folded and goes off.

the Audience had to intervene and hold the perpetrator to the ground and Max Lorentz were taken to the southern hospital for the operation.

On the place was also his 23-year-old son.

– Ludde was jättechockad, ” says Lorentz.

He didn’t recognize the man in the past and has now been reported to the police the attack.

About 200 people were in the premises when the attack occurred.

Max Lorentz has previously played with musicians such as Ulf Lundell, Eddie Cochran, Björn Skifs, Agnetha Fältskog and Orup. In February he is going on a european Tour with his other band Kaipa DaCapo and hope that the foot then should be okay.


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