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TV4-profile band was attacked on the scene – financial times

Aggressive man took to the stage – struck down guitarist

TV4-profile Ronny Svensson, who normally review movies in the "Nyhetsmorgon", played with his band at the club Göta Källare when the uproar arose on the scene.

an aggressive man gave the band’s guitar player Max Lorentz, which fell so severely that he broke his foot, writes Expressen.

– I have done so much, but I have never experienced this. It is a terrible thing, ” says Ronny Svensson to Nöjesbladet.

TV4-profile Ronny Svensson usually, for everyday use review films in TV4:s "Nyhetsmorgon", but he is also a member of the punk band "Cunts and pricks" who played at Göta källare in Stockholm on Saturday evening.

Suddenly, during the show, took an aggressive man on the scene. The band’s guitarist Maximum Lorentz tried to reject the man who did not give in and instead went to attack.
– this filuren will in a running of the bulls, where he just throws himself over Max. I sit there and just see someone throw themselves into. Then, he lies there and just bolts on to the Max, ” says Ronny Svensson, to Nöjesbladet.

Max fall so badly that he breaks the foot.

– Three to four people have to keep in the man. They tear him away from the Max that just screams "the foot is off!". I run up to the Max, saying that he should lie down, breathe calmly, and that we should call an ambulance, ” he says and continues:

– Max son were in the audience. He gets to see his father being beaten. It is such an abomination.


According to Ronny wanted Max to continue to play. Jointly, the band decided to resume the show, while waiting on the ambulance.
– We did a gruppkram on stage and said "guys, now we run". We run for the Max, and to celebrate, punk is 40 years.

Max remained on the stage while the band took during the chorus where they stopped.
– When I sat down at the drums, I looked at my hand that was trembling. Everyone was a little taken. The ambulance comes and in the middle of a song carried Max out.

According to Ronny brought Max to the southern hospital where he had surgery Sunday. On Facebook have Max himself has written that:

"There will be spikes o crap".

Ronny Svensson also says that they encountered the man earlier in the day. He had then come into the barn, drunk and said that he wanted to sing with the band on stage.
– We explained that it is not possible. We were all very friendly in tone. He was tough, but he was not in any way intimidating backstage.

No guards in place

According to Ronny Svensosn were no guards in place either at the scene or outside of the lodge, during the evening, which he wonders.

– I have done so much, but I have never experienced this. It is a terrible thing.

Nöjesbladet looking for Göta källare.


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